thereal Realms Libraries
Fantasy: 16 galleries
Stories or poems created to draw you to another world entirely. A world where pixies, fairies, and elves roam free. Or where a dragon has hoarded a princess away. Anything you can imagine in the form of texts are contained within these galleries

Fiction: 11 galleries
Stories that take place in realistic settings. Or stories that contain some element of fact in them. Be it time period, setting, or characters.

General: 17 galleries
Within this gallery are the works that have no specific genre. Be they fiction, fact, fantasy, horror, or of other genres. This all encompassing genre allows for a gallery of wide variety.

Historical: 1 galleries
Within this gallery you will find texts containing some shred of our history Be it dates and times remembered, or stories of people that once existed, this gallery contains all texts that are considered historical in nature.

Horror: 3 galleries
Tales of fright, poems of terror, or merely accounts of some dastardly deed. This gallery contains all the works considered horrific and scary.

Modern: 5 galleries
Contemporary, present, or any other text that is written to take place in the hear and now. Events, people, objects all described are found easily enough in this modern gallery.

Science Fiction: 1 galleries
Any text containing stories of futuristic, fantastic settings. From post-apocalyptic to entirely new galaxies, all the stories within this gallery are considered to be science fiction.