Frequently Asked Questions

    » Contributors

    What does ‘Verified’ mean?

    Users who have donated to Ethereal Realms via Pay Pal have been verified as adults, therefore allowing them access to our adult realms. This is our way of ensuring minors cannot access inappropriate material. Verified users have a ‘tick’ beside their login in their Privileged portal. Those who have access to the Privileged portal, but are not verified, have a ‘denied’ symbol.

    » General

    Can we make a donation to Ethereal Realms?

    All donations to Ethereal Realms are welcome and gratefully recieved. Follow the Donate link in the top right menu to peruse our donation options. Please note, you need a Pay Pal account in order to donate to Ethereal Realms.

    My login does not work. What do I do?

    If you are having problems with your log-in please contact us and we will assist you with your account. Be sure to include your log-in name and the email address that you used to sign up for your account. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

    What is Ethereal Realms?

    Ethereal Realms is web-based chat system geared toward the online roleplaying community.

    Who manages Ethereal Realms?

    Ethereal Realms was created by Martin Foster, who continues to maintain the site at his own expense. It is run by a body of people known as the Council, who anonymously donate their time to managing it on his behalf. Both Martin and the Council are contactable via the Contact page found in the top right menu.

    » Puppets

    How do I hide the date time tag?

    The DATETIME tag works the same was the NAME macros works in the title field of your Puppet Configuration panel. You can alter its appearance as you like with appropriate HTML or CSS attributes. To conceal it against a black background, simply set the font to black and size one. To conceal it against a background image, select the dominant color in the image as the font color for the tag.

    How do I remove my gummy?

    Removing gummies is a bonus for verified users, along with access to an assortment of contributor gummies. Verified users are patrons who have made a donation to Ethereal Realms via Pay Pal. If you have made a donation to Ethereal Realms you will find a –none– option at the bottom of the drop down menu for gummies in your Puppet Details panel. Removing the gummy will place your user details in a link under your puppet handle instead.

    What do gummies do?

    Gummies provide a link to all your user information you choose to make available, including E-Mail, Homepage, Instant Message Services, and an image. Gummies also allow for private messaging and ignoring.

    » Realms

    How do I create a realm?

    For information in this matter, see ‘Hosting Guidelines’ in the ‘Information’ menu at the top of this page.

    How do I protect a private room?

    Password protecting a private room means added security from uninvited guests. If you intend to protect a private room called ‘Secret’ with the password ‘safe’ you enter ‘safe@Secret’ in the Private Room field. This will create the room ‘Secret’, and allow only those with the password to enter. Note that you cannot password protect a private realm that already exists. Private realms linger on the system for 24 hours after last use, then expires. You can keep your private room indefinately private by not allowing it to expire.