Welcome to Ethereal Realms elf bar Strawberry Cheesecake flavour.

Ethereal Realms is more than it seems. From the surface, it carries with it the distinguishing characteristics of a chat site. A site that allows for interaction between the myriad of people who visit its realms and for those that call Ethereal Realms their home.

Beneath the surface of Ethereal Realms, is where the true magic takes place. How Ethereal Realms remembers your settings for each individual Puppet (Character/Avatar/Handle) that you hold. The way, in which different parts of this service are integrated to the point of seeming as though it were one. This is all hidden to the casual user, and as it should be.

Of course, all of the details are hidden from the user not for his personal safety or fear that that security might be compromised. After all those believing that we have anything to hide should perhaps take a look at this site. The details are hidden, for the simple fact that someone should not care what a communications panel is, how the dice roller works and why the system works the way it does. In the end we are here to play.

The details that are hidden, allowing one to be truly able to play out a character. The true nature of the player now hidden behind a silken veil called a puppet, allows one to play without fear, incognito and to open the door to exploration. That in the end, is what encourages play, brings fresh ideas to mind and improves gaming in general.

With these words comes the welcome to any and all. Be it a refugee from another service, someone who simply wishes to appease their curiosity or one invited by a friend, you are all welcome. The council opens it’s doors to all, and hopes you enjoy your stay.

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