Advertise on Ethereal Realms!
Banners in Ethereal Realms are not a regular form of advertisement. Ethereal Realms is a community of friends and roleplayers. While other banner-exchange programs may allow you to access the viewers of a few individual websites throughout the internet, only here can you so easily reach to your very own community. You live, chat, and roleplay with those you meet in Ethereal Realms, and so why not share with them your other endeavors? Only through advertising to your fellow roleplayers can you know that your website is reaching its proper audience and can we, as a community, grow.

You can advertise realms that would like more traffic, or get more publicity for hybrid and private realms.

You can advertise interesting and unique sites. This could be your art gallery, your personal site, or anything else under the sun. Do you want more people to see your journal, or anything else you put effort into? Then advertising would be the way to get it to happen!

Since Ethereal Realms caters to groups of like-minded people, you can easily advertise your online shop. People interested in costumes, medieval weapons, roleplaying material, and jewelery all would be able to discover your website!

Advertising on Ethereal realms gives the opportunity for artists and musicians to showcase their galleries and commissioned works. It gives you, personally, the possibility to reach more customers and and interested parties.

Banners are offered at a low price, while being displayed on the most heavily visited pages


Click on the following link

You will be taken to an area that will allow you to choose which pricing choice you would like. If you have a passcode to enter here, do so and it will give you another choice aside from those already listed. Simply click the button next to the price option you wish.

The default list of choices can be found in the following section.

Click the Next button

You will be asked to put in your user name and password. If you have never purchased banner ads through HTTP Ads before, you will have to create one. Simply click on the ‘New Users, register NOW’ link to do so. If you have a user name and password, enter it to continue.

Put in the number of impressions you wish to buy. If you are, for example, buying at the normal price option and you are buying the minimum amount, you would type 5000 here.

Below that, in the Click Through URL section, type in the URL you would like your banner to direct someone to when they click on the banner. This can be an URL to your chat room, your own web site, et cetera.

Banner File to Upload is where you will select the file location for the banner you wish to advertise. Click the browse button and select the file.

NOTE: The file must be on your hard drive to upload)

Select a start date for when you would like your banners to start circulating.

Type in the number of days for the ad to circulate. It is suggested that the more banner ads you have, the longer you might wish to spread it out. You must put in the number of days, i.e. 2 months would be 60 days.

Click the Done button

You will be taken to the billing information area. It will list your order: Product, price, quantity and cost.

Provide your credit card number, which will show as PKW Interactive on your statement.

Select which credit card you are using.

Select the card’s expiration date.

Give your address.

click on the Place Order button.

Your banner and the URL is then submitted to be approved and put into circulation.