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As with any system of this complexity, there is always a certain amount of coding glitches that exists underneath the surface. That mixed in with the multitude of browsers and different users preferences from person to person and you are guaranteed to pretty much see a bug or two appear from time to time.

Make use of this topic to report possible bugs in the system. This can include quirks that appear only under specific browsers or something that seems to happen intermittently and you cannot explain why. Post them here, and then we can begin to track down and eliminate the problems at the source.

The way a place like Ethereal Realms looks and feels, is pretty dependent on the tastes and preferences of its owner and the designer who took the time to create the design itself.

Of course, this does not always suit the needs of the community itself. This topic area, is dedicated to the discussion of such topics by the patrons as to see how we can tweak the look and feel to be more compatible for all.

However, be aware that designers donate their time. So expecting changes to happen over night is somewhat unrealistic.

You have been using the site for days or even years and have something that you would like to see added to the system itself. Or perhaps you have this idea that might make things better to all?

Such ideas are encouraged in this topic area as it will allow for new ideas to come into play. With new ideas come change, and with change comes the possibility for a better home for all of us.

For those patrons who wish to bring forth ideas for new realms, as to judge their feasibility, popularity or simply to test the waters. This forum is the place.