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Collaborative Galleries
[ANNOUNCEMENT] From: Ethereal Realms on 06-Jun-2004

As with most sites, galleries, journals, web comics are generally the product of a singular mind and body. While this exemplifies the talent of that specific individual, it does limit the ability for other’s to display their works, when their acheivements are very much linked with another.

Owners of galleries, now posses the ability to grant a certain measure of control to users on the system. By default, users will be able to add, remove and modify only their own stories, but access can grow accordingly to give them more control overall.

To access this new feature, one simply needs to access the Gallery Overview page, which allows you to change various settings. Once there, click on the ‘Access Control Lists’ section to get the ball rolling.

The rest is fairly straight forward, input the users desired Pen Name and access you wish to grant in addition to default access. The two additional controls are as follows:

Editorial : Users can manage all works, quick links and news
Janitorial : Imbues the user with an asbestos suit capable of taking intense heat from flamers while removing their infernal comments made on works.

NOTE: This is a donations accessible feature. For more information visit the following site: [Link]

The Legend Returns
[ANNOUNCEMENT] From: Ethereal’s Guardian on 02-Jun-2004

Ethereal Realms would like to welcome Legend of the Red Dragon back into the fold. Please make them feel welcome and drop in for a visit!

Updates Complete!
[SYSTEM] From: Ethereal’s Regent on 20-May-2004

Thank you for your patience. There was some confusion about the date of downtime. It was actually on Friday, May 14, not this coming Friday.

However we are completed with the change and everything should be operational. If you are experiencing any errors with Ethereal Realms, please inform the council so we may take care of the matter.

May Edition of The Portal Hopper!
[ANNOUNCEMENT] From: Ethereal’s Regent on 15-May-2004

The May Edition of The Portal Hopper is ready for your enjoyment!

The newsletter can be found by clicking [Link]
or by going to
[Link] and selecting ‘Newsletter’ from the Community tab.

The Portal Hopper is always looking for assistance. If you would like to assist with design, articles, features, or just give ideas please e-mail the council at [Email] .

Previous editions of the Portal Hopper can be found at [Link]


Downtime – Date Change
[SYSTEM] From: Ethereal’s Regent on 14-May-2004

Friday, May 21, 2004, is a Scheduled Maintenance day for Ethereal Realms. Upgrades of hardware and software will be the chief concern, as well as changing to newer cases and a migration to a new server. This will cause Ethereal Realms to be unavailable for at least part of the day, with several possible periods of downtime. This may extend into the busier evening chat hours. We are sorry for any inconvenience, and expect to have all of the Scheduled Maintenance finish in the evening of Friday, May 21, 2004. This change was due to a delay in part delivery. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Eighth Sea April Contest Ends!
[ANNOUNCEMENT] From: Ethereal Realms on 11-May-2004

Thank you to everyone who attended our realm and entered into our April contest. Our winner was Donurion! Congrats and enjoy your year of web space!

For everyone else:

Contest Three!
This contest is for webspace on Ethereal Realms. To enter you just need to show up in the room and play. Every night that you come in and play, you are
entered. At the end of the month we’ll draw a name from our player’s pool and donate in your name.

For more information please click the [Link]

Snubbing and Mass Murder
[FEATURES] From: Ethereal Realms on 05-May-2004

A new feature has been introduced to the system and can be seen operational in the Eighth Sea realm, The Daily Prophet and Amalgam. CODENAMED: SNUBBING, this feature allows users to hide any puppets not in the currently selected group as to shrink their puppet lists.

A new feature CODENAMED: MASS MURDER has been implemented allowing users to line up many an innocent handle and remove them from the system. Allowing users to quickly remove multiple handles at the time, useful for spring cleaning.

May edition of the Cavern Knight!
[ANNOUNCEMENT] From: Ethereal Realms on 05-May-2004

Hey Everyone!

Sketch here, the new Co-Editor of the Cavern Knight. Just wanted to let everyone know that there’s a new issue of the CK out and ready for everyone to enjoy! We may have lost the month of April, but we’re making up for it in May! You can view this month’s newsletter here: [Link]

And as always with the Cavern Knight, submissions for anyone wishing to contribute are not only accepted, but highly encouraged! While we’re typically associated with Roland’s Cavern, we love to hear from other members of the community, regardless of any experience they have with roleplaying! We’re only as good as our submitters 😉

Just go here [Link] or if that doesn’t work, drop us a line at [Email] We want to make this a great online publication, so don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments you may have!

Thanks for checking us out, and hope to hear from many of you very soon!

Sketch & The Cavern Knight Staff

Spread the Wealth!
[SYSTEM] From: Ethereal Realms on 16-Apr-2004

Ethereal Realms, has normally had a great deal of information available to users and hosts. Unfortunately, this was generally bound to the system itself and could not be easily transplanted to personal sites or realm homepage (e.g. Realm Weather Updates).

[Link] Extras!

New functionality added to Ethereal Realms, allows normal users and hosts to past a simple line of code and display information that would normally be restricted to our site. This new code in turn, can be customized to match the existing design of the hosting site through the use of Cascading Style Sheets!

Currently, we have the weather generator, a gallery work view similar to that found on the portal and an RSS feed client for those wishing to list Ethereal Realms headlines, throw in world news for sites dealing with modern content.

So check out the link and spread the wealth!

The Portal Hopper
[ANNOUNCEMENT] From: Ethereal’s Regent on 09-Apr-2004

The second issue of The Portal Hopper is complete!

It can be found by clicking [Link]

Or by going to [Link] and selecting Newsletter from the Community tab at the top of your screen.